Our Approach

We work closely with our clients to gain valuable insights into their particular situations as well as their specific financial goals.

At CD Wealth Management, our planning process has the rigor and comprehensiveness you would expect when trusting a firm with your financial well-being. Our financial plans, portfolios, and service models are unique to each family and their needs. We never seek to institutionalize our client relationships.

Introductory Meeting

We begin all of our relationships with an initial meeting during which a prospective client gets an opportunity to hear our approach and philosophy towards comprehensive financial planning and investment management. In addition, we get an opportunity to understand the client’s needs and wants. We believe it is important at the onset of any relationship to set an appropriate expectation level for all parties. Once there has been a commitment from both the prospective client and our firm, we schedule a series of planning meetings, which typically take three to six months to fully implement.

Data Gathering

The first planning meeting is always a data gathering meeting, where we focus on the more qualitative issues that will ultimately play a critical role in influencing your planning decisions. We then utilize the information collected during this meeting to help establish the foundation for our series of planning meetings.

Planning Meetings

We then hold a series of planning meetings where we discuss many of the non-investment related topics of your comprehensive financial plan, such as cash flow management, debt & debt structures, and insurance coverage – life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care, and property and casualty. This also encompasses many difficult items that often go overlooked, including estate and beneficiary planning.

Investment Presentation

After we have fully addressed the risk management issues, we then move forward with the Investment Presentation. During this time, we spend a considerable amount of time sharing with the client our disciplined, institutional investment philosophy. Also during this meeting, we present our Investment Portfolio Presentation and Analysis. This analysis provides a detailed breakdown of the specific recommendations and changes that we are proposing for the investments portfolio.

Final Planning Meeting

The final wrap-up meeting typically occurs three months after the Investment Presentation. This time frame gives us the opportunity to implement the investment recommendations, allowing us to help provide the client with their initial performance summary. This is also where we establish our review cycle and discuss the additional benefits of being a client with CD Wealth Management.